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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Song of the Day - December 14, 2005

I discovered this song, while Rhapsody was down and I was looking at various websites for new music. Refree is a mysterious Spanish gem, especially their latest album La Matrona, because all the songs are in Spanish or Catalan and I can't understand a word. That is immaterial as Refree's work is a gorgeous blend of jazz, folk, and Latin influences. Refree is the work of Raul Fernandez who is sure to reach wider audiences with this work. I especially loved the jazzy Zappa alla Hot Rats influenced track "L'herencia" with its funky bass line and the late 60's psychedelic keyboard stylings. Click here to listen. Other great tracks include the Miles Davis sounding "El Sotano" and "El Cumpleanos" which borrows from another song that I just can't place. If Rhapsody is still down you can listen to the whole album at the La Matrona -Refree website.


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