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Monday, December 12, 2005

Song of the Day - December 12, 2005

There's anarchy in the People's Republic of China and the leaders are the riot grrl band Hang on the Box. I can detect a range of influences stretching from Shonen Knife, who they toured with, Le Tigre, and The B-52's. "I'm Not Sexy" is definitely the standout track on their album Foxy Lady. The rawness of their sound combined with their Chinese accents puts a new spin on the girl rock band. I guess we can thank the globalization of the world and Nixon's visit to China for bring us bands like Hang on the Box. It's hard to believe that Nixon would eventually be an instrument to bring rock and roll to China and back again. I just wonder what we will hear next out of China, surely there is a lot of talent waiting to be discovered. Click here to listen.


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