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Monday, June 06, 2005

Song of the Day - June 6, 2005

This is just an awesome discovery. While surfing the net on my classic long board, I discovered my song of the day and this truly great record, a relatively unknown masterpiece of psychedelic rock. The band is The Mirrors. The song is "My Lovely Lover." The album is titled "A Green Dream." What is even more remarkable about this album is that it is the work of Greg Ashley of Gris Gris; however, it was recorded while he was still a teenager. I thought I would never like a teen band. I guess one should never say never. This album came straight out of the 60's psychedelic scene, with influences such as Syd Barrett, The Electric Prunes, and even some psychedelic Monkees in the style of "My Stepping Stone." My favorite track and song of the day is the opening track, "My Lovely Lover." The song just hits you smack in the head and sends you spinning into psychedelic ecstasy. The song starts out with some beautiful acoustic guitar and piano accompaniment, putting you into a mellow mood, and then the psychedelic substances kick in, the beat quickens, the guitars roar with reverb, the vocals swirl and dart into your mind, and organ riffs float in and out. Wow, I can't believe I never heard of this album. This is a must listen. Click here to hear the rest of this unknown psychedelic classic.


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