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Friday, May 27, 2005

Music For A Holiday Weekend

As the holiday weekend approaches, I thought I would put together a playlist to start the weekend with. The list is extremely eclectic, but I hope you will find it interesting. Have a great weekend and enjoy the playlist. Click here to start the weekend.

1. Tonights The Night - Coach Whips
2. Ahead - Wire
3. Noon As Dark As Midnight (Album Version) - Lucero
4. Across the Bridge - Great Lakes Myth Society
5. Ghost - Neutral Milk Hotel
6. Everyone Says I'm Paranoid - apartment
7. Excellent Waves - Haco
8. The Night Time Reaper - Apes
9. Blur My Thoughts Again - Auburn Lull
10. It Was A Pleasure Then - Nico
11. Linda Blair - Redd Kross
12. Be Sure To Loop - OOIOO
13. Lorraine Called, She Wants You To Work - Great Depression
14. Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
15. The Parasite - Howard Hello
16. Don't Let Me Explode - The Hold Steady
17. Dirty Horse - Gram Rabbit
18. Hopeless - The Wrens"


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