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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

May's Songs of the Day

Yes, it is that time again for the review of last month's songs of the day. I must say I really enjoy putting this list together and looking at the wide variety of music I selected during the course of the past month. The selection of the music, many times is a reflection of my moods. In a way, one could look at it as a musical barometer. The music ranged from the surreal sounds of Haco, the splendid Midwestern rock of Great Lakes Myth Society, to the atmospheric renderings of Rothko. Click here to listen.

1. Coast To Coast - Love as Laughter
2. The Root Of Our Nature - 400 Blows
3. Solex Feels Lucky - Solex
4. There, There - Great Depression
5. On The Day We Said Goodbye - Rothko
6. Je Reviens - Autour de Lucie
7. Bright Neon Payphone - Cut Copy
8. Giving Up - Howard Hello
9. Charlemagne In Sweatpants - The Hold Steady
10. Isabella Country, 1992 - Great Lakes Myth Society
11. Tapestry Mastery - Apes
12. Superboy & Supergirl - Tullycraft
13. Would You Like Some Mushrooms? - Haco
14. Swingset Chain - Loquat
15. Sinking Meridian - Auburn Lull
16. Bells - Electrelane
17. Blood On My Hands - Radio Vago
18. The Bering Sea - Silent Kids
19. Aura Lee - Aarktica
20. Five Moments - The Field Mice
21. Hurry Up Let's Go - Shout Out Louds
22. Nice Weather For Ducks - Lemon Jelly


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