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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Jazz Injection

I need jazz and I need it now. I am suffering from jazz withdrawal symptoms. In order to brave this chilly day, I need an injection of cool jazz. I included a little old school and new school jazz in the mix, just to keep things interesting. As I listen to the playlist, I can feel the jazz warming my soul. Click here to listen.

1. Snowfall - Claude Thornhill
2. Le Nevada - Gil Evans Orchestra
3. Jano - Johnny Coles
4. Dear Old Stockholm - Miles Davis
5. inbetween inbwtween - Thollem/ Rivera
6. Back O' Town Blues - Louis Armstrong
7. That's Earl, Brother - Dizzy Gillespie
8. The Closer - Charlie Parker
9. I Want To Talk About You - John Coltrane
10. Ageless - Dave Douglas
11. Rush Hour On 23rd St. - Joe Lovano
12. Adena - William Parker


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