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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Song of the Day - June 16, 2005

If you are a fan of Iggy Pop during his David Bowie period or Lou Reed, I believe you are going to like Minmae. Minmae is a Portland based band named after an animae character during the 80's. The history of their name is irrelevant; it is the music that matters and their music is great. One of their outstanding tracks is "American Spear" and my choice for the song of the day. It does start out with some Iggy-like spoken vocals during the intro of the song, followed by an almost pop-like melody, but that soon changes. The hi-hat ticks off a menacing rhythm, while the guitars change from pop-like to angry, fierce, menacing riffs. The whole character of the song changes. This goes on until we are brought back to a repeat of the intro, this time with acoustic guitar. The whole album entitled I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning is truly a great effort, one of the best of the year. Click here to hear the whole album.


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