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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Song of the Day - February 7, 2006

I am not sure when The Living Blue's Fire, Blood, Water appeared on Rhapsody, as it surely would have been a contender for my top 10 indie albums of 2005. The whole album rocks. Though the band hails from Illinois, they remind me of several British bands especially The Jam,The Cure, and Buzzcocks. The Cure influences are clearly heard in the vocals and guitar work on the track "Tell Me Leza." Other tracks such as "Serrated Friend" are just packed full of incendiary rock and roll that you can't help but from dancing. "Greenthumb" has psychedelic tendencies and a great keyboard solo in the middle of the song. If you are only going to listen to a single song, I recommend "Murderous Youth" with its great guitar licks, British influenced vocals, and a relentless stream of energy that doesn't stop until you reach musical ecstasy. Click here to listen.


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