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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gerald Wilson Orchestra - In My Time

Back when I was composing my best of 2005 jazz list, I don't believe Gerald Wilson's In My Time was available on Rhapsody. Well, I am not sure what I would have eliminated because this is one fine example of the modern big band sound. Gerald Wilson is well into his eighties and cut his teeth in the Jimmie Lunceford Band in the 40's. When first listening to the album I was immediately taken by the track "Lomelin" with its Spanish influenced melodies and stratospheric trumpet solos, that I thought could only be the work of Jon Faddis. I did a little research and sure enough Mr. Faddis was hitting the high notes on this record. Gerald Wilson's orchestra is overflowing with talent, the trumpet section is rounded out by Eddie Henderson, Frank Green, Jeremy Pelt, Jimmy Owens, Sean Jones,and Mike Rodriguez. The great Rene Rosnee is on piano, Lewis Nash drums, Russell Malone on guitar, Peter Washington bass, Luis Bonilla, Benny Powell, Douglas Purviance, Dennis Wilson all are on trombone, Steve Wilson and Ron Blake are in the sax section. I am sure I missed a few, but they are all great musicians. The featured work on this album is the three part suite entitled "The Diminished Suite," which is a study and variation in diminished chords. The arranging and composing talents of Gerald Wilson have not faded, but only gotten better with age. The saxophones are awesome on the opening cut "Sax Chase." Russell Malone contributes excellent guitar work on multiple passages including "A.E.N." where Rene Rosnee tickles the ivories to great satisfaction. Everything on this record is great and it is getting a lot of play in my house. Click here to listen.


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