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Friday, February 17, 2006

Song of the Day - February 17, 2006

Ladies and Gentleman is the solo work of Thomas D'Arcy, formerly of the Carnations. He specializes in simple, but beautiful pop melodies, which remind me of early video games but with a much warmer sound. "Throw It All Away" has a catchy, repetitive melody which is augmented by various synthesizer induced sounds, and the studio created harmonies of Thomas D'Arcy's vocals. Each element by itself would normally not get my attention, however, they are put together so artfully that the sum is greater than the individual parts. Ladies and Gentleman are now touring the country. Thomas D'Arcy has supplemented his solo project with keyboardists Todor Kobakov, guitarist Steve Krecklo, drummer Brent Follett, and keyboardist/handclapper Kevin Hilliard. Click here to listen.


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