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Friday, February 17, 2006

MMM.... Musical Musings of the Mind

It's triple M time for The Covalent Bond. The musical musings of the mind is a playlist that is heavy on punk, garage,and a few other nuggets that I just can't keep to myself. Click here to listen

1. 45 Prayers - The Rogers Sisters
2. The Dirtbombs - Cedar Point '76 - The Dirtbombs
3. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Remastered LP Version) - The Stooges
4. M.I.A. - Black Lips
5. Do The Sleeper - The Cuts
6. Decent Days And Nights - The Futureheads
7. Screams - The Staggers
8. Hot Atomics - Naked Raygun
9. Civilizations Dying - Zero Boys
10. Ever Fallen In Love? - The Buzzcocks
11. Housewives Play Tennis - Come On
12. Luanne - Invisible Eyes, The
13. Crack Boom Bam - Stiv Bators
14. Beat On The Brat - The Ramones
15. Tass - .22
16. Discord - Fire Engines
17. Cherry Came Too - The Jesus And Mary Chain
18. Skyscrapers - The Turn-Ons
19. Moonbathing - Sky Cries Mary
20. The White Unicorn - Wolfmother"


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