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Monday, February 13, 2006

Song of the Day - February 13, 2006

More than just Bordeaux comes from France; the latest import is Melanie Valera and her solo project Tender Forever. Melanie is now based out of Olympia, Washington and has signed with K Records. Her debut release The Soft and the Hardcore showcases her beautiful voice backed by laptop, drum machines, keyboard loops, and whatever other sounds Melanie can create. She reminds me somewhat of fellow K Records label mate, Khaela Marricich of The Blow, especially in her arrangements of the music. Both use a relatively simple arrangements that enrapture the listener with their choice of sounds, rhythms, and vocals. I love Melanie's track "Make Out" which starts with a repetitive melancholy keyboard riff, that sounds like it could have came from the pen of Philip Glass. Her vocals soon enter the mix, then the Philip Glass influenced riff is replaced by long drawn out chords, only to reappear later. The song just has this lazy feeling that is just contagious. It feels like it was composed in the rain, and it may very well have been, given that Melanie has exchanged France for Washington. Click here to listen.


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