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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Descent Into Madness

As the week comes to a close I feel a steady descent into madness. The music starts out in a gentle melancholy mood but gradually evolves into a deeper funk. A darkness settles over the music as it proceeds to increased levels of agitation, fits of noise, screaming, and eventually total madness. Click here for an escalator ride into madness.

1. Cut Me In Two - Rocky Votolato
2. My Broken Bones - Dios Malos
3. Voices From The Front Line - The Halifax Pier
4. Losing Haringey - The Clientele
5. Born To Dive - Mad Happy
6. Broken Boy - Hundred Hands
7. Tiny Spiders in My Hair - Infinite Number of Sounds
8. Ecks Em Eye - The Gris Gris
9. Something Clicked And I Fell Off The Edge - The Rakes
10. Atrocity Exhibition - Joy Division
11. Satan's Daughter - Alex Gomez
12. Hothead - Rotters, Liverpool 29/10/1980 - Captain Beefheart And His Magic Bands
13. Vampire Zoo - The Mae Shi
14. Bristol Connection - C
15. Mutiny - Ex Models
16. Intro - Nirvana
17. Set Me On Fire - Baseball Furies"


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