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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

October's Songs of the Day

October was a month of discovery. Just as Columbus discovered the new world, The Covalent Bond is on a quest to discover new music. Many times the discovery process is accidental, but it worked for Columbus, so why not The Covalent Bond. I was especially fond of The Hatepinks, Girls in Hawaii, and Minus Story. Their styles vary greatly, but their music is great. Oh yeah, I can't forget the Electric Eel Shock and their great track "Bastard." Click here to listen to October's songs of the day.

1. Mexico - The King Of France
2. Right Foot - The Washdown
3. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
4. Puke a Pitch Black Rainbow to the Sun - Boduf Songs
5. Really Bad Weekend - Art Brut
6. Was There Ever - The Wrens / The Five Mod Four
7. No Direction Home - I Am Kloot
8. Dance 2 - Kiss Me Deadly
9. Sasuke - Ex-Girl
10. Susan vs. Youthclub - The Fall
11. Working the Wall - The Cops
12. Waking Up - Minus Story
13. I Saw You In The Wild - Great Lake Swimmers
14. Happy Birthday (Album Version) - The Birthday Massacre
15. Plastic Bag Ambitions - The Hatepinks
16. Mona Lisa - Ladell Mclin
17. Pretty Loser - Mommy and Daddy
18. Not a Hit Song - Tim Fite
19. Bastard! - Electric Eel Shock
20. Flavor - Girls In Hawaii
21. Monster Mash - The Misfits


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