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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Song of the Day - October 6, 2005

Boduf Songs self-titled CD is basically a demo disk by Mat Sweet, of Southampton in the UK, submitted to Kranky records. The folks at Kranky liked the music so much, they basically decided to release the album unaltered. The result is a great album of subtle, folk tinged psychedelic music. The music reminds me of early Pink Floyd crossed with a smidgen of Simon and Garfunkel. There is a dark, menacing side to the music, a feeling that all is not entirely well. One of my favorite tracks is "Puke a Pitch Black Rainbow to the Sun" Mat Sweet definitely had to listen to a few early Pink Floyd albums to come up with such an esoteric title. Click here to listen. Click on the link for the full psychedelic experience of Boduf Songs


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