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Monday, October 03, 2005

September's Songs of the Day

September was a month of change. I started the month with the gentle pop of the Snow Machine and ended with the riotous gypsy punk music of Gogol Bordello. In between, I inserted a little New Orleans based funk from Drums & Tuba, plus the Welsh crooning of Gruf Rhys. One of my favorite finds was the unstoppable energy from the band Levelload. Hey, I like them all. Click here to listen.

1. Camel Lights - Snow Machine
2. Anti-Depresants - Time Fly's
3. Eight Degrees in Buffalo - Drums & Tuba
4. Sharp Leather Walkin' Shoes - The Makers
5. ExLadyboy - Part Chimp
6. Sonar In My Soul - Richard Youngs
7. Palisades - Angels Of Light
8. Isabelle - Battle
9. A.S.A. To Accuracy - Kaito
10. Glad To Be Alive - Low Flying Owls
11. Last of the World's Gentlemen - The Beautiful Mothers
12. I'm From LA - Go Betty Go
13. Epynt - Gruff Rhys
14. Born To Be Wild - The Knitters
15. Horizon - The Bats
16. Tive Razao - Seu Jorge
17. Palookaville - LEVELLOAD
18. Copticon - The Flesh
19. I am The Contact Kid - Mixel Pixel
20. Hit 'N' Run - Horrorpops
21. Wicked Light Sleeper - The Joggers
22. Sally - Gogol Bordello


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