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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Song of the Day - October 4, 2005

I came across The Washdown while doing a header into the Internet, but it was worth it. Like catching the perfect wave, sometimes you find the song that just fits your mood. Today was the day, I needed a frantic, chaotic, aggressive song and The Washdown's "Right Foot" was the perfect match. The song definitely has the frantic sound passed down from the Gang of Four, but even more, the song reminded me of Jimi Hendrix's classic "Machine Gun," with its staccato drum beats. Hey, Jimi used a guitar, but who's complaining. Their whole album Yes to Everything deserves to be better known. As I progress through the tracks, every song gets my blood flowing; you will not be disappointed. Check out the tracks "Bad Connection with a Lover," "Learning Makes You Handsome," and "Aweful Truth." To hear the song of the day click here. Click on the link to hear The Washdown's Yes To Everything


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