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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Song of the Day - November 8, 2006

The Good Good remind me of Deerhoof and Man Man, but toned down slightly. Think of Deerhoof as black coffee and Good Good as coffee with milk. Their album Furrows is a combination of a previously released EP and some new songs recorded for a 12 inch. The band loves to experiment using multiple instruments, sounds, and a sense of whimsy. They utilize a free jazz sensibility expressed in an indie rock idiom. "Silhouette" starts innocently enough, only to metamorphosize into a song with a bizarre but addictive chorus that Zappa would love, in addition to their chanting about alligator pie. "Clouds" features sampled children's voices accompanied by spastic guitars and drumming; I am definitely reminded of Man Man. "We Go" is my favorite. I love the frantic energy of the song, the mantra of "We Go," and the transition to a much harder song midway through the track. Click here to listen.


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