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Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday's Musical Melange

Here's an eclectic mix to start a Monday morning. In the eclectic vein flows Matmos, Captain Beefheart, and a few others. There are relatively new artists like Dan Sartain, The Cold War Kids, and the Envelopes intermixed with older artists like The Dead Milkmen and Nico. Enjoy and have an excellent Monday. Click here to listen.

1. Sister In Love - Envelopes
2. Big Lizard - The Dead Milkmen
3. Stickin' It To The Man - Tiny Masters Of Today
4. Gun VS. Knife - Dan Sartain
5. I Drive My Friend - Frida Hyvönen
6. We Do Not *uck Around - Viva Voce
7. For the Khakis and the Sweatshirts - Oxford Collapse
8. Tract for Valerie Solanas - Matmos
9. Hot Head - Captain Beefheart
10. Beanbag Chair - Yo La Tengo
11. C'est Ce La - Devotchka
12. Cast it at the Setting Sail - Danielson
13. Schizophrenia - Sonic Youth
14. Red Wine, Success! (Album) - Cold War Kids
15. I've Got Ninjas! - Boat
16. I'll Call You - Mecca Normal
17. Dirty Dustin Hoffman Needs A Bath - of Montreal
18. They Took A Vote And Said No - Sunset Rubdown
19. In The Union Of Wine - The Hidden Cameras
20. Vegas (7' Version) - Nico
21. Death Kit Train - Cul De Sac
22. Tonight - Sibylle Baier


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