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Friday, August 25, 2006

Song of the Day - August 25, 2006

My craving for British music received a gigantic dose of satisfaction with the Dirty Pretty Things' Waterloo to Anywhere. The disintegration of the Libertines resulted in the creation of at least two bands. Pete Doherty formed the band Babyshambles and Carl BarĂ¢t created Pretty Dirty Things with former Libertine drummer Gary Powell. Waterloo to Anywhere is full of great songs that combine elements of The Libertines, Clash, and reggae influences. A favorite song is almost impossible to pick from this excellent album. Opening track "Deadwood" is a cracker of a song, "Bang Bang You're Dead" was played during their recent appearance on The David Letterman Show, and "Blood Thirsty Bastards" starts slowly while building to a rockin' climax. Given all the excellent choices, I picked "Gin and Milk" as song of the day due to Carl's excellent vocals, punk angst, and angry guitars. Click here to listen.


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