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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday's Tantalizing Tonal Variations

I have been neglect in posting a jazz playlist, so I will atone for my sins with this playlist. Check out Jon Faddis' latest work on the opening track. It is truly stunning. There are a few other gems thrown in the mix like the vocal jazz of Roy Nathanson, a very cool recording, and the trombone work of Joe Fiedler. Hopefully you will discover something new that appeals to you. Click here to listen.

1. The Hunters & Gatherers - Jon Faddis
2. Zores Mores - Joe Fiedler Trio
3. Time Zones - Charles Gayle
4. The Minetta Triangle - Edsel Gomez
5. Where We've Been - Larry Goldings
6. Buttermoose - Planet Jazz
7. Waiting In Santander - Frank Kimbrough
8. The Morning Shuffle - Dan Blake
9. Brother Joseph - Frank Lowe
10. Ocean - Dimitri Vassilakis
11. Baubles, Bangles And Beads - Original - Steve Kuhn
12. Morpheus - Patricia Barber
13. O Campe'8bo - Donny Mccaslin
14. By The Page - Roy Nathanson
15. Ascent - Bernardo Sassetti
16. Wiletta's Walk - Horace Tapscott
17. Triskaidekaphobia - Ben Thomas


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