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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

July 2006 - Songs of the Day

July started out with the gentle folk of Vetiver and ended with the raw power of Awesome Color. Sandwiched in between those dissimilar bookends was a wide variety of music: the strange and eerie Matmos, the mellow Mount Eerie, and the fuzzed-out bliss of Dirty on Purpose. It's a strange mix to be sure, but variety is the spice of life. A few new discoveries, such as The Epsilons, Conner, and The Unsacred Hearts, are contenders for best of the year. Click here to listen

1. You May Be Blue - Vetiver
2. Calling Lighting With A Scythe - Howlin Rain
3. Bright Guilty World - Shalabi Effect
4. Walking The Plank - Apollo Up!
5. Fever To Kill - Epsilons
6. The Two Three Four - The Unsacred Hearts
7. Unsafe At Any Speed - Partyline
8. Friend of Time - Brightblack Morning Light
9. No Radio - Dirty On Purpose
10. At Least - Baby Dayliner
11. Even Numbers - Gregor Samsa
12. We Know Where You Sleep - The Paper Chase
13. Once Cocked Gun - Minmae
14. Urgency in Harlem - Death of Fashion
15. I'm In No Mood - The Fiery Furnaces
16. A Leader Always Carries A Stick - Grizzly Bear
17. Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein - Matmos
18. Human - Mount Eerie
19. Silent Film Score - Conner
20. Spider House - Shonen Knife
21. Ridin' - Awesome Color


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