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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Song of the Day - July 27, 2006

As the sound waves of Conner's Hello Graphic Missle enticed my ear drums, I tried to place them geographically. My first thought was that they were from Great Britain, however, a little research proved that my initial intuition was false; this quartet is from all places Lawrence, Kansas. With a sound that would be perfectly comfortable at Top of the Pops, which unfortunately ends its 42 year run on the BBC this month, Conner has created a great album; one that should be emanating from radios all summer. Conner reaches deep into the musical closet of influences, going back to bands such as The Velvet Underground, Clash, Rolling Stones, Gang of Four, and much more recently, Franz Ferdinand. Their post-punk funk dance rhythms are highly contagious and sure to infect those within earshot with a bout of dance fever. I especially enjoyed "Silent Film Score" an especially virulent strain of dance inducing sonic vibrations. Click here to listen.


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