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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Song of the Day - July 18, 2006

One must listen to The Paper Chase in small doses, as large doses may be fatal. There music is threatening, disturbing, nightmare inducing sonic blasts. Their latest opus, Now You Are One of Us, will put ice in your veins. Their art rock style reminds me of The Dresden Dolls, but much more troubled. The contenders for favorite track included: "The Kids Will Grow Up to Be Assholes," "We Know Where You Sleep," and "Wait Until I Get My Hands on You." And the winner is .... "We Know Where You Sleep." The eerie repetitive piano chords of the intro lead to John Congleton's disturbing vocals and a very addictive chorus. The whole song is accented with shards of dissonance, which only contribute to its dark appeal. Click here to listen.


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