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Thursday, June 01, 2006

May 2006 - Songs of the Day

May has been an eclectic month. There have been songs about monkeys, a sizzling instrumental track, and a tune about stepping on trumpets. Oh, don't forget the Bison, as I can't let the monkeys have all the credit. I love eclecticism. Please give me more variety. I especially loved Mecca Normal, Len Price 3, The Black Hollies, and Danielson. The others are just as great and deserve a listen. Judging by the new release schedule for June, we should have some great tunes next month. Click here to listen.

1. Discjockey - Stereo Total
2. St Mary St - The Beautiful Mothers
3. God Monkey Robot - The Apparitions
4. Inside Of Me - Starlight Mints
5. Cueball Bobbin' - Charlie Hunter
6. Insylum - Oxbow
7. OK, Allright, Fine - The Beautiful New Born Children
8. Calling Thermatico - Centro-Matic
9. 6 Days Yesterday - Ether Aura
10. Attraction Is Ephemeral - Mecca Normal
11. Daylight - Brian Glaze
12. Monkey Monkee Men - Men, Women & Children
13. Shallow - South
14. Bigshot - Mon Frere
15. One Fine Day - Bison
16. Johnny Viola - Shearwater
17. Christian In The Desert - The Len Price 3
18. House Party In The New Dark Ages - Mountain Con
19. Off Point - Crush Kill Destroy
20. Crimson Reflections Through Looking Glass Mind - The Black Hollies
21. Brandenburg - Beirut
22. Julianna Convince Me - The Saturday Nights
23. Did I Step on Your Trumpet - Danielson


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