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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Spontaneous Combination

Here's a random sampling of musical tidbits that have been bouncing around my brain. The concentration of songs have reached their explosive limit and resulted in this spontaneous combination of tunes. Click here to listen.

1. Dog Food - Buttersprites
2. Public Image - Public Image Ltd.
3. Girl Talk - Starky
4. Bedlam On The Beat - Four Volts
5. Bitch - Cranebuilders
6. So Much In Common - Coloma
7. Shaken - Shiny Toy Guns
8. Join The Dots - Queenadreena
9. Exchange of Goods - Blackouts
10. Explosive;More Intense - The Stnnng
11. Let Me Tell You Something - Durutti Column
12. Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Smiths
13. A Certain Cemetary - Pretty Girls Make Graves
14. Something Wild - Six By Seven
15. Kung Fu Ramone - Guitar Wolf
16. Liar For Hire - D.O.A
17. Gagged And Tied - That Dog
18. I Snub You - Iggy Pop
19. One In Five - Youth Brigade
20. Second Skin - THE GITS
21. Dreams From Wounded Mouth - Degenerate Art Ensemble


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