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Friday, January 13, 2006

Song of the Day - January 13, 2006

Super Deluxe burst onto the scene like a supernova emanating from Seattle back in 1995 with their critically acclaimed album Famous. Now, approximately ten years later Super Deluxe are back with a brilliant piece of pop music on their third full length album Surrender!. In many ways Super Deluxe served as a critical link in the musical evolution from a grunge to a post grunge world. If you listen to the title track on Famous you will hear the Nirvana influence, but you will also see that they are tending to a more pop-like sound. That pop-like influence is now fully mature on Surrender! My favorite track "Come On" combines late Beatle influences with a dash of Smashing Pumpkins. There is a zero gravity feel to the track filled with lush echoed choruses and the stratification of multiple guitars. Click here to listen.


At 12:52 PM, Blogger drake leLane said...

Thanks for the heads up... I knew there was one coming down the pipe, just wasn't sure Rhapsody would have it.

Poor guys got lost in the grunge vacuum like a lot of power pop artists post-1996 - just like Brendan Benson... and just like him, it's good to see them back.

Here (Seattle) in our 26th straight day of rain, it's nice to hear something sunny.


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