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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nicholas Payton

Nicholas Payton was at the legendary Jazz Showcase in Chicago this weekend and he did not disappoint. The show was excellent and varied from lyrical ballads to fiery hard bop pyrotechnics. The band was awesome and featured the great alto saxophone work of Steve Wilson, Vicente Archer on bass, Marcus Gilmore, grandson of iconic drummer Roy Haynes, and a great piano player, whose name I didn't catch. If anyone caught the show and can tell me who was the pianist, I would greatly appreciate it, as the piano playing was awesome. I definitely caught shades of McCoy Tyner in his solos. This was not the first time I had seen Nicholas. I actually saw him at the Jazz Showcase when he was 15 years old and touring with Clark Terry. This time I actually got the opportunity to speak with him. He was very gracious in that he took the time to speak with my nine-year-old son, an aspiring trumpet player, and give him words of encouragement and shake his hand. This continues the tradition of Covalent Bond's meeting jazz legends. I put together a sampling of Nicholas' work, whether it is with his band or as a sideman. Click here to listen.

1. Captain Crunch (Meets The Cereal Killer) - Nicholas Payton
2. Wild Man Blues - Nicholas Payton
3. Lotus Blossom - Peter Martin (Jazz)
4. Fela 1 - Nicholas Payton
5. Oliloqui Valley - Christian McBride
6. Blues For My Brother - Nicholas Payton
7. Nica's Dream - Eddie Palmieri
8. Brownie A La Mode - Nicholas Payton
9. Bernie's Tune - Greg Osby 4
10. Tight Like This - Nicholas Payton
11. Of This Day's Journey - SF Jazz Collective
12. A Foggy Day - Bill Charlap
13. Stardust - Doc Cheatham
14. A Touch Of Silver - Nicholas Payton
15. Weather Bird - Nicholas Payton


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