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Friday, September 09, 2005

M.A.D.D. - Musical Attention Deficit Disorder

Yes, I am M.A.D.D. I know many of you suspected it. Now, it has been confirmed. I have musical attention deficit disorder. My intention with this playlist was to feature songs that tended to be more on the acoustic side of the spectrum. I just couldn't do it. My mind wandered off, led down various musical paths never knowing where it will take me. I love it. If you would like a glimpse of my disorder, click here to listen. By the way, I am aware that M.A.D.D also stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which I fully support.

1. It's Not the Hunting - Mount Eerie
2. What You Were - Angels Of Light
3. Tracking - Traindodge
4. Voices - Espers
5. Worlds Away - Summer At Shatter Creek
6. Oh Canada - The Blow
7. Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head - Mummy The Peepshow
8. Passed Out On Your Lawn - Kinski
9. Gamma Knife - The Dead Science
10. Future Levelers - Minmae
11. Jazz Monkey - DAVID LYNCH
12. Somebody hurt you - A Girl Called Eddy
13. It Won't Take Long - The Rolling Stones
14. A Song Is 'A What The' 'A Whoo Why' - Thanksgiving
15. Louisiana Blues - Muddy Waters
16. Sun King - The Cult
17. Life On Mars? - David Bowie


At 9:15 PM, Blogger Chixulub said...

Before you 'fully support' the organization you're appropriating the acronym from, note that they are not simply against drunk driving but against intoxicants across the board. The modern manifestation of the Temperance Union if you look closely...


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