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Thursday, September 01, 2005

August's Songs of the Day

August was a great month for musical discoveries. The songs of the day varied from current bands like The Warlocks to gems from the 80's from the likes of B.A.L.L. I especially like the psychedelic sounds of the Alchemysts and the British influenced indie pop of Koufax. Click here to listen. Leave a comment and tell me which are your favorites.

1. The Cruel Night - The Green Pajamas
2. Hey Mersh! - Moe Tucker
3. Vampires - Bumblebeez 81
4. Doppleganger - Lucky Bishops
5. Flannery Said - The Moaners
6. Gone - Alchemysts
7. Meadow - Espers
8. Ice Cream Van - The Workhouse
9. Fear Of Fireflies - Calla
10. Cloisterphobia - Thee More Shallows
11. Why Bother At All - Koufax
12. Ageism - Thanksgiving
13. Pretty Soon - Koushik
14. The Nation - Sciflyer
15. Born For A Short Time - The Mae Shi
16. If I Breakdown - B.A.L.L.
17. Hey Now Now - The Cloud Room
18. Shadowland - Youth Group
19. Primary Colors - Anna Oxygen
20. Thursday's Radiation - The Warlocks
21. Circles - Kelli Hanson
22. The Platform On The Ocean - Arthur Russell
23. Elected - Inouk


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