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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Partially Esoteric Jazz Infusion of Highly Populated Musical Ensembles

It's time for a jazz infusion. This time I thought I would focus on big band jazz, some of it relatively esoteric, balanced with some more traditional tracks. I just love the outright funkiness of Mingus, Andrew Hill's unique compositions, the beauty of Gil Evans and Miles Davis, and the out of this world music of Sun Ra. Click here to listen

1. Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting - Charles Mingus
2. Hey Hey - Andrew Hill
3. Misterioso - Thelonious Monk
4. Stolen Moments - Oliver Nelson
5. Africa - (first version) - John Coltrane Quartet
6. Tip Toe - Thad Jones
7. Happy Jammy (Monterey Pt. 4) - Dave Holland Big Band
8. Modern Opus - Stan Kenton
9. Summer Night - Miles Davis
10. The Aztec Suite - Chico O'Farrill
11. Blue In One - Tom Harrell
12. Space Is The Place - Sun Ra



At 9:45 AM, Blogger J Shifty said...

Well, that was fun. Some big ensemble noise fits quite well on a sunny summer day. And thanks for turning me on to Andrew Hill and Tom Harrell. More fine sonic neighborhoods to explore in the days to come...


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