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Friday, July 29, 2005

Song of the Day - July 29, 2005

Here's something just a little different, but not totally unexpected given my recent musical adventures. Six Organs of Admittance's "The Six Stations" is an acoustic opus to psychedelic music. At over 22 minutes in length, it is one of the longest songs, if not the longest song I have ever featured as a song of the day. The sound of a needle tracking through a dusty, worn lp, lingers over the entire song, imparting a feeling of days long gone. The acoustic guitar work of Ben Chasny is brilliant. He plays in an eastern style, suggesting Indian ragas, building complex rhythms, and layers of sound. The juxtaposition of the crackle and hiss combined with Chasny's raga influenced guitar work creates an almost mystical aura about the music. At one point, their is brief spoken word interlude, strongly reminiscent of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, but then it is back to the beautiful music. If you have the patience you will be rewarded. Click here to listen.


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