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Monday, August 01, 2005

July's Songs of the Day

July was a month for concerts. I was at Intonation, Local H, and Lollapalooza and you can see it in the influences for the songs of the day. Absolutely Kosher artists were featured for a week and I even added a little psychedelic world music from Africa. Click here to enjoy a retrospective of last month's songs.

1. Half Smile - Weevil
2. You Will Be Safe - James William Hindle
3. This Party's Over - The Narrator
4. Hey, Rita - Local H
5. Suge Knight Sweetheart (Live) - The Lights
6. Close Your Eyes Slowly - Landing
7. canada - Anagram
8. Ex-Mas (Young In Love) - The Lashes
9. Ossuary - The Dead Science
10. Say It - Eltro
11. Crystal Palace - Donovan's Brain
12. Doot Doot Plot - The Hidden Cameras
13. The Drive - Summer At Shatter Creek
14. I Like Dot Dot Dot - Frog Eyes
15. December Is Only A Window - Bottom Of The Hudson
16. Mission Impossible - The Places
17. Power to the People - The Mae Shi
18. Shake The Dope Out - The Warlocks
19. Stutter - Lake Trout
20. Love's A Real Thing - Super Eagles
21. The Six Stations - Six Organs Of Admittance"


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