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Friday, October 06, 2006

Song of the Day - October 6, 2006

This was my first experience with The USA Is a Monster and this duo does not fit into any pre-existing box. The duo embraces a hippie aesthetic with their fascination with Native Americans and their philosophical vision of the world on Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age. Yet, their music combines elements as varied as Zappa, Man Man, Lightning Bolt, and Rush. Yes, I said Rush! Their total disregard for what is trendy, is what I find so attractive. Their album reminds me vaguely of Zappa's great Freak Out! a cult classic. Cult status may just be in the cards for this album. You will either love or hate this record. As for myself, I love it. For a glimpse into the world of The USA Is a Monster check out the epic title cut "Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age." Click here to listen.


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