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Monday, October 09, 2006

A Columbus Day Dozen

On this beautiful Columbus Day in Chicago, I have collected some of my latest Rhapsody findings for your musical enjoyment. Just as Columbus discovered America, I hope you will discover a few musical gems to brighten your day. Click here to listen.

1. Indian Ink - Dan Sartain
2. Eli, eli, lamma sabacthani - Les Georges Leningrad
3. Lullaby Lane - The Lonely H
4. The Rider (Dolphin Song) - Akron/Family
5. Porcelain Throne - Two Ton Boa
6. Its a Beautiful Thing (I Like My Oranges Peeled for Me) - The USA Is A Monster
7. Dragonfly - Dead Meadow
8. Venison - Forget Cassettes
9. Sue Egypt - Captain Beefheart
10. The Breeze - Tall Firs
11. Sons and Daughters - The Decemberists
12. Thin Is Wide - Slumber Party


At 10:19 AM, Blogger J Shifty said...

Hey there. I just saw your note about the disappearance of the Frank Zappa catalog from Rhapsody, and confirmed its dire warnings.

I haven't been able to find any facts, but here's a relevant thread on the Rhapsody support boards

I also will put on my Sears poncho and hope this is temporary...


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