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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Song of the Day - September 13, 2006

There seems to be a resurgence in stoner rock lately, and that is not a bad thing if they sound like Darker My Love. Hailing from California, Darker My Love started as a side project for Andy Granelli of The Distillers and Tim Presley of Nerve Agent, which eventually morphed into Darker My Love with the addition of Rob Barbato and Jared Everett. Their self-titled debut album is an iridescent gem of stoner rock. The psychedelic spaced-out sound, combined with elements of crazed distortion reminiscent of The Stooges, meld into one glorious collection of blissed out tunes. The selection of a song of the day is an excruciatingly tough task. Does one select the Stooge-like "Summer's Here," the beautiful opening track aptly named "Opening," or the psychedelic haze of "What's a Mans Paris?" In the end, I selected "Claws & Paws," which starts out with Rob Barbato's bass and slowly builds to an apex of psychedelic stoner delight. Click here to listen.


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