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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

23 Tunes for a Tuesday Afternoon

Here's a glimpse at the bands and tunes that I have been listening to recently. There is some great music here, like Electrelane's instrumental on "Film Music," the British rock of Dirty Pretty Things, and some vintage Roxy Music. Of course, I like all the music or I would not want to share in the spirit of The Covalent Bond. Click here to listen.

1. Opening (Album) - Darker My Love
2. Good Lover - Blood Meridian
3. Wind Driving Dogs (Album) - Chad Vangaalen
4. Climb A Tree - Jim Noir
5. Judas - What Made Milwaukee Famous
6. Film Music (Original Version) - Electrelane
7. Incommunicado - Man In Gray
8. Hot To Death - Scout Niblett
9. Fears Of Gun - The Birthday Party
10. Deadwood - Dirty Pretty Things
11. Dead Spit - The Mutts
12. Girl Is On My Mind - Black Keys
13. Set Us Free - Black Mountain
14. Cherry Lips - Archie Bronson Outfit
15. Sweat Sex - Thee Emergency
16. The Chisler - The Beautiful Mothers
17. Come Save Us - The Warlocks
18. Eat the Prize - The Mae Shi
19. Cover To Cover - Shoplifting
20. Re-make/Re-model - Roxy Music
21. Misadventures Of Dope - Deadboy & The Elephantman
22. The Men Are Called Horsemen There - Sunset Rubdown
23. For The Fourth Time - Conner


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