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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Song of the Day - August 9, 2006

The Archie Bronson Outfit have released a tremendous album in Derdang Derdang. This album was produced by Jacquire King, the same producer that worked with the Kings of Leon. This probably explains the slight twang you hear in their music, despite the fact that the band hails from London. They were actually discovered by the head of Domino Records (home of Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys), while performing in a local pub. I love the way Sam Windett's vocals, which seem to have a sense of urgency, combine with the band as they create lo-fi garage rock with slight psychedelic overtones. The album is packed with great tunes, such as "Cherry Lips," "Jab Jab," and "Kink." Hell, I like them all. My favorite is "Dart For My Sweetheart." The song begins with almost tribal drums, followed by a twang-tinged guitar, and Windett's vocals. The rhythms continue to build until the chorus, which is extremely addictive. In fact, it is so addictive I will need to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon to remove this song from my brain. Click here to listen.


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