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Friday, May 12, 2006

Song of the Day - May 12, 2006

Mecca Normal has created a masterpiece of an album with The Observer. The album tells the story of lead vocalist, Jean Smith's, online dating adventures. Jean is backed up by David Lester, primarily on guitar, but also playing various assorted instruments. Jean is from the rock poet school, famous graduates include Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. However, I find Jean Smith's tales reminiscent of Tegan and Sarah and Regina Spektor. "Attraction is Ephemeral" tells a long tale of a first date that rambles from having tea, to lingerie, a sexual encounter, to the price of oranges. Mecca Normal's songs intrigue you with their stories; the path they take remains a mystery, as they navigate the labyrinth of Jean Smith's mind. Click here to listen.


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