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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What Is that Buzzing in My Head?

There are times when I must listen to drone music. I find it strangely comforting and often exhilarating music. It is a style that transcends borders and time. The range of music is truly astounding from the music of India with its tambura and sitar, to the bagpipes of Scotland, as well as the modern music of today. One can even find drones in modern classical music. Try listening to the Wagner below for a sample of the drone. Paula Oliveros recording Deep Listening was made underground in a giant cistern using all acoustic instruments. The effect is stunning partly due to the 45 second reverb that existed in the cistern. Just as Paul Oliveros recording has a soothing effect, the music of Bardo Pond has a much more ominous sound. The list is by no mean all inclusive. Let me know what your favorites are that I may have left off the list. Click here to listen.

1. In the Shadow of the Mountain - Growing
2. Bo Go Gyaling -
3. Pase El Agoa - Charalambides
4. Gat Kirwani - Ravi Shankar
5. Ione - Pauline Oliveros / Stuart Dempster / Panaiotis
6. Das Rheingold: Scene I: Vorspiel - Richard Wagner
7. Birth Of Liquid Plejades - Tangerine Dream
8. El Medahey - Master Musicians Of Jajouka...
9. Warmachines - Daturah
10. Pibroch Variation 1: Hail To My Country - City Of Glasgow Police Pipe Band
11. Absence - Bardo Pond
12. Music in Twelve Parts - Part 2 - Philip Glass
13. When I See Scissors I Can't Help but Think of You - The Dead Texan
14. Absolution - Pelt


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