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Monday, April 24, 2006

Song of the Day - April 24, 2006

The treasure trove of new releases in April continues with Magneta Lane's Dancing with Daggers. If you are not familiar with this band you are in for a treat. This all female trio from Canada have taken the best of Blondie and The Pretenders to mold their own sound. Lexi, Nadia, and French are young, beautiful, and they rock with the best of them. "Carnival In Spain," "Bridge To Terabithia," and "Daggers Out" all are great tracks. The track that I really love is "22" with its fuzzed out bass line, distorted guitars, and Lexi's great vocals. If you happen to be in Brighton, U.K. on May 18th - 20th, Magneta Lane will be playing at The Great Escape. Do not miss it! Click here to listen.


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