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Friday, April 28, 2006

Song of the Day - April 28, 2006

I pulled my original song of the day, when I discovered Neil Young's Living with War available on Rhapsody. What can I say, I am a huge Neil Young fan and I am hugely impressed by his latest release. This is a classic album, a protest against the Iraq war, that will be remembered decades from now. Neil even employs a 100 person choir and the results are magnificent. The choir's version of "America The Beautiful" brought tears to my eyes. This album will be on the top of everyone's list for best of 2006. America has not seen a protest album of this magnitude since the 60's. Though I am sure the album will cause considerable controversy, especially the track "Let's Impeach the President." surely we have more reasons to impeach Bush than we did Clinton; I can think of over 2000 reasons. This album is a masterpiece and it comes as no surprise that this work comes from one of rock's greatest Neil Young. Beside the aforementioned tracks, I love "Shock and Awe," "Flags of Freedom," and "Looking for a Leader." I would vote for Neil Young for President, too bad he is Canadian. Any of the above songs could be song of the day and probably should be, but I truly enjoyed "Restless Consumer." The godfather of grunge rocks out on this number with distorted guitars and his beautiful choir. Please take the time to listen to the lyrics on this song and all the others. We can all learn something from Neil Young. Click here to listen.


At 1:22 PM, Blogger J Shifty said...

My favorite aspect is that "Let's Impeach the President" is such a catchy, feel-good sing-a-long tune! I see no reason why it shouldn't replace the Hokey Pokey at every family reunion around the country this summer...


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