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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Song of the Day - April 12, 2006

I just love that British sound, and I was not disappointed by the U.S. release of Babyshambles' Down In Albion. Led by ex-Libertine, Pete Doherty, infamous rock star, who helped drag down Kate Moss's career, Babyshambles' Down in Albion debut features the British hits "*uck Forever" and "Killamangiro." However, the album has much more to offer including the infectious "32nd of December" and "A'rebours," which starts out with a great funky bass line and just keeps getting better. Kate Moss even contributes some background vocals on the opening track "La Belle et la Bete." The album was produced by The Clash's Mick Jones and the similarities to the Clash are clearly evident throughout the album. The track "Pipedown" brings back memories of the great Clash album, London Calling with its raw sound and ska influenced rhythms. Click here to listen.


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