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Monday, April 03, 2006

March 2006 - Songs of the Day

March brought an excellent selection of music. I loved The Duke Spirit, the David Bowie influenced Destroyer, and the return of Dan Treacy and The Television Personalities. In addition to the aforementioned bands, a number of bands from foreign countries were featured: Australia's The Grates, Denmark's Figurines, Brazil's Apollo Nove, and Norway's Animal Alpha. This is one type of outsourcing that I don't mind. Click here to listen.

1. The Winding Staircase - New Radiant Storm King
2. Fantasies Are Nice (French Version) - The Rogers Sisters
3. Timing is Everything - Swearing At Motorists
4. Up From The Floor - The Bomb
5. Sister Says - Field Notes
6. It's Getting Light Outside - Clearlake
7. Inexplicata - Apollo Nove Feat. Ceu
8. Not Everyone - Nine Black Alps
9. THE Story of INAZUMA - Many Birthdays
10. Creepy Feeling - Ani Kyd
11. We Got The Bling - Bling Kong
12. Plastic Man, You're The Devil - Pink Mountaintops
13. Maniac Psycho - Miguel Mendez
14. Darling, You're Mean - The Duke Spirit
15. Bundy - Animal Alpha
16. San Telmo - Tarantella
17. Rubies - Destroyer
18. Ugly Guys With Beautiful Girls - Sparks
19. Insistor - Tapes 'n Tapes
20. My Dark Places - The Television Personalities
21. Trampoline - The Grates
22. The Wonder - Figurines
23. two wings to fly - Cezanne


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