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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February 2006 - Songs of the Day

February had a tremendous amount of new musical discoveries. I love the fantastically fun sounds of the Buttersprites, the crazed juxtaposition of 70's sounds with wild dance punk rhythms of Portugal, The Man, and the 21st century power punk of The Briefs. The state of Illinois had a good showing this month with the likes of The Living Blue, New Black, and the funky National Trust. Ohio also contributed with the New Order influenced sounds of Lori. I know I am leaving out many other contributions by other states, notably New York and Washington. Let's see what happens next month. Click here to listen.

1. Panic Attack - Buttersprites
2. Every Girl - Kuma
3. Nothin' But Time - The Catch
4. Chicago - Portugal.The Man
5. Murderous Youth - The Living Blue
6. Khalil! - New Black
7. Came Through - Lori
8. It's Just Cruel - National Trust
9. Make Out - Tender Forever
10. It Dawned On Me - Calla
11. Feel Good Ending - The Beatings
12. Fire With Fire - Gossip
13. Threw It All Away - The Ladies And Gentlemen
14. Brightest Part of Everyone - Viva Voce
15. holding hands - crown aruba
16. Metronome - The Bosch
17. Anesthetic Parade - We Are The Fury
18. After I Leave U - His Name Is Alive
19. Icy - The Double
20. Forty And Above - The Briefs


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