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Friday, August 26, 2005

Song of the Day - August 26, 2005

The Warlocks came out with their new album, Surgery, this week. I had the opportunity to catch part of their show at Lollapalooza, and I wished I had seen more. I absolutely love their new track, "Thursday's Radiation." It starts very slowly, and may not immediately catch your attention. You must have patience, for you will be rewarded. Though the song starts with a simple chord change repeated over and over, there are hints of what is to come. Overlaid above the simple strumming of the guitar, you will find some beautiful crafted distortion. Layers of additional guitar and vocals eventually enter into the mix, then the bridge comes, and the song erupts into a much more complex piece of music. Drums, vocals, and guitars combine in ever increasing intensity, slowly building in volume and emotion. The guitar being pushed into its upper octave range, then just as suddenly the intensity fades. The song ends in sporadic bursts of distortion. Click here to listen.


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