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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TV Party

While cruising down the highway with The Negative Creep, I happened to play The Misfits' "TV Casualty" and The Negative Creep thought it would be a good idea to put a playlist together with songs that have TV in their title. Our initial hypothesis was that the existing population of "TV songs" would be minimal and the quality quotient would be low. Well that's B.S.! There seems to be a never ending supply of songs with TV in the title. I was shocked at how good they were. Though I must admit there must be something about watching TV that inspires the hardcore punk crowd. That's why I started off my list with "TV Party" by Henry Rollins (aka lead vocalist and founder of Black Flag). Excellent tracks range from the politically incorrect but very humorous "Lesbians on TV," "My Room has a TV" by Thingy, The Pink Snowflakes "It's Snowing inside the TV Again," and of course Iggy Pop's "TV Eye." Click here to listen. See the comments section for the complete playlist.



At 4:40 AM, Blogger The Covalent Bond said...

Here's the complete list:

"TV Party" - Henry Rollins
"TV Casualty" - Misfits
"Lesbians on TV" - Bill Frenzer
"T.V. Girl" - Beat Happening
"T.V. Zombie" - The Rondelles
"TV" - Sea Creature
"T.V. Eye" - Iggy Pop
"TV" - Wire
"My TV Is Broke" - B.A.L.L.
"Made For TV Movie" - Incubus
"T.V. Crimes" - Black Sabbath
"T.V. Age" - Joe Jackson
"My Room Has a T.V." - Thingy
"Its Snowing Inside the T.v. Again" - The Pink Snowflakes
"Coffee And T.V." - Blur
"T.V. II" - Ministry
"T.V. Mystic" - The High Dials
"TV Trays" - Death Cab For Cutie
"TV Hell" - Adam Donmoyer
"TV World" - The Methadones
"TV Star" - Butthole Surfers
"TV Pro" - The Vines
"Dream T.V." - The Sugarcubes
"TV Riot" - The Adored
"TV Tonight" - Naked Highway
"TV Glow" - The Girls (Power Pop)
"TV Show" - Everclear
"T.V." - Blink-182
"By TV Light" - Turin Brakes
"TV Jealousy" - Trent Dabbs
"A**hole TV" - Gob
"Look, You're On TV" - Nice Nice
"The Ballad Of TV Violence (I'm Not The Only Boy)" - Cheap Trick
"I Hate The TV" - Violent Femmes
"TV Mind" - Revolting Cocks
"T.V." - Automatic 7
"TV Family" - The Rocket Summer
"Cloudy TV" - Solinger
"Little TV Angel" - David Reo
"Buckethead's TV Show" - Buckethead
"Late Night TV" - Todd Lieberman
"It's No T.V. Sketch" - Discharge
"Smash TV" - Screaming Monkey Boner
"TV Movie" - Pulp
"Kill Yer TV" - Spooky Pie
"Sleepin' With The TV On" - Paul Wood
"The Models On TV" - Raised Fist
"T.V. Calypso" - The Mighty Terror & His Calypsonians
"Watch T.V." - Rasputina
"TV Mama" - Anthony Paule
"My TV And You" - Vast
"(I'm A) T.V. Savage" - Bow Wow Wow
"My Sinking TV" - No More Lies
"TV Carzy" - Zen Tricksters
"Big Screen TV Love Affair" - Hugo & the Red Room
"the tv news" - Avandguard
"Fox TV" - Pennywise
"TV Has Eaten My Brain" - Langtry & The Pocket Sized Planets
"Naked Women on My TV" - Rusty Chainsaw
"I Saw U On TV" - The Melismatics
"Watch Us On T.V." - Holiday


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