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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Musical Gluttony

It is Thursday and I need more music. Will I make it to the weekend? Can I satisfy my cravings? I have an insatiable appetite for music. I am a music glutton. The more I have the better. Here's a little sample to satisfy your musical appetite. There is no structure to this list, just pure musical lust. Click here to listen.

1. Bang Bang Rock and Roll - Art Brut
2. I Found That Essence Rare - Gang Of Four
3. Peacemaker - Naked Raygun
4. Hate Reaction (usa2m0503074) - The Mirrors
5. Omaha - Visqueen
6. Winnebago Warrior - Dead Kennedys
7. No Satisfaction (Campfire Version) (Campfire Version) - Black Mountain
8. Don't Wanna Stop - Six By Seven
9. Oh My God - Kaiser Chiefs
10. Going Underground - The Jam
11. I Love the Valley OH! - Xiu Xiu
12. Green Cosmos - Deerhoof
13. Umi De No Jisatsu - Asobi Seksu
14. Fallout - Pidgeon
15. Sister Ray - Velvet Underground"


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