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Friday, July 01, 2005

June's Songs of the Day

I can tell from this playlist that the weather has influenced my selection of music. June's songs of the day rock from beginning to end. It starts with the garage rock influences of The Charming Snakes, proceeds to the psychedelic rantings of Modey Lemon, and ends with the power, pop, punk sounds of The Divorce. There are only brief respites of calm before the next onslaught of summer sounds. Click here to listen.

1. All Great Things - Charming Snakes
2. You Almost Had It - The Golden Republic
3. To Hell With Poverty 2005 - Gang Of Four
4. My Lovely Lover - The Mirrors
5. Invincible - Holiday Flyer
6. Leisure Suite - Feist
7. You Did - Jennifer O'Connor
8. Eyeball Skeleton - Eyeball Skeleton
9. Couldn't Find Love - Coach Whips
10. Charon, Take Me Away - Lungs Of A Giant
11. Underwater - Palomar
12. American Spear - Minmae
13. Black Flamingos - Modey Lemon
14. Fields in Glass - The High Dials
15. The Beast - The Impossible Shapes
16. Connection Time - Graves
17. Colossus - The Dudley Corporation
18. Down To The Day - Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
19. Plan To Stay Awake - The Deathray Davies
20. Coldbringer - Naked Raygun
21. Multiply And Divide - The Soviettes
22. The Man Moan - The Divorce


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