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Monday, January 01, 2007

December 2006 - Songs of the Day

December brought a multitude of great songs, some of which I missed earlier in the year. The variety of styles was all over the map. There was freak folk from the likes of Wooden Wand, The Plants, and Christina Carter, the Spanish rock of Manta Ray, and the disturbing art rock of Scott Walker. I hope you enjoy the list and find a few new discoveries to brighten your days. Click here to listen.

1. Mother Midnight - Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band
2. Are You Swimming In Her Pools? - Swan Lake
3. Forest-Mountain - Nalle
4. Give All To Love - Niobe
5. Are You Going To Leave Me - Isobel Campbell
6. Watch Your Step - The Icarus Line
7. Elktooth (Master) - Woven Hand
8. Slow Train - Dirty Faces
9. Moving Intercepted - Christina Carter
10. No Tropieces - Manta Ray
11. Jaguar Love - The Hot Toddies
12. Grim Reaper Blues - Entrance
13. Oh, Bessie! - The Teeth
14. Ankle Injuries - Fujiya & Miyagi
15. Bitch - Rinocerose
16. Pink & Sour - Califone
17. Migratory Birds - Nethers
18. Settle Down City - Young Widows
19. Jolson And Jones - Scott Walker
20. Abandoned Meander - Andrew Rothbard
21. Acorn Child - The Plants

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